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      Silverthorn Ranch is a third generation nursery, started in 1967 by Frank and Thelma Loomis. The nursery originally named Frank and Thelma's Diggin's and was first located in Baldwin Park California.

     In 1976 the nursery was relocated to Fallbrook, California and was given a new name Silverthorn Ranch. Frank and Thelma retired later that same year and their two sons entered into the business. Both Paul and Jerry were successful in there own ways. Paul was a project manager for Swimmer and Walburn, while Jerry owned and operated Loomis Box Company, which manufactured and sold wooded nursery flats to the nursery industry. Their unique business backgrounds helped to create a thriving wholesale cactus nursery. Over the years they developed diverse new markets to sell their plants. Many good ideas came and went over the years, but there constant attention to a changing market kept their business strong.

      In 1997 Paul retired from Silverthorn Ranch and moved forward into the wonderful world of retirement. With an opening in the family business Jerry's son Wayne came to work. Wayne who had recently graduated from college was already working for a nursery in Clovis California. It was here that he gained a background in propagation nursery production, chemical applications and sales.

       We would like to think of ourselves as a leader in our industry. With well over thirty years of nursery experience we are proud to still be serving our customers. Times are changing and so is Silverthorn Ranch. Currently, expanding, which will help us better serve your needs. As cactus and aloe growers we are constantly challenged with many uncertain variables, but be assured that we will only sell quality plants. We put our reputation on the line with every plant we ship and are able to consistently deliver satisfaction.

Silverthorn Ranch
Miniature Cactus Grower

1826 S Alturas St.
Fallbrook CA 92028

(760) 728-9051
(760) 728-4508 FAX

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